Talko, new instant messaging app for iOS created by a former Microsoft executive


Ray Ozzie, a known ex-Microsoft executive, has just launched a new application for instant messaging for mobile devices that aims to make its place among all other alternatives in the App Store. Yes, the application is launched (at least initially) for iOS.

This application, which is called Talko , will be available by the time exclusively in the operating system for mobile devices company Apple. The team responsible for its development has high expectations placed on it, is that unlike other common instant messaging applications, Talko opts for prioritizing voice instead of text. According to argue on the web of application, in recent years there have been a lot of new forms of communication, but most say cause fewer understand things and worse.Therefore, Talko allows us to communicate through calls and voicemails. The aim is to share everything by voice possible. Talko has some interesting features, like the ability to be talking to several contacts and activate the camera for a moment so you can see what you’re seeing. Their developers claim that is aimed at large groups of workers or friends, to facilitate and improve the chaotic group conversations.

You can download iOS Talko for free from the App Store . The team of 10 people in total, and is working on an Android version will be launched soon.

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