Yahoo had acquired Docspad, an Indian company focused on editing documents in the cloud


Apparently, according to information from Economic Times , Yahoo would eventually acquire Bookpad , an Indian company founded just a year ago, whose work is centered around the issue of documents hosted in the cloud. Bookpad is known for Docspad , a solution which no use is oriented to the public, but the goal is to integrate applications and services from third parties to facilitate document editing cloud-hosted applications without leaving.

To do this, Docspad offers companies an API that can be integrated into their services so they do not have to worry about developing for themselves such solutions . Also, as bonus, supports a lot of different files, which are included among the most typical, such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, ODT, ODP, ODX, ePub 2.0 and various image formats. Although at the moment there is no official confirmation from Yahoo, the Economic Times says the deal would have closed by a figure of $ 8.3 million, but other sources speak of far greater numbers. We will be alert for any official communication should occur by Yahoo. Acquiring Bookpad would highlight the importance of the acquisition of small to Yahoo startups to expand and improve their services. In fact, in the last two years, the company has acquired 38 computers small businesses. Following the acquisition, expected to be Bookpad (located in Bangalore) to move to Silicon Valley with their workers.

We leave you with a video that shows how Docspad works: