Apple buys PRSS, a Dutch startup whose app lets you create digital magazines for iPad


Apple has bought Prss, a Dutch startup that specializes in tools to provide editors enough to create stylish digital magazine for iPad converting their content to appropriate formats for publication and distribution, all without programming skills or advanced knowledge in design.

The first to share the news, in addition to the picture accompanying this article, the website has been iCulture , also from Holland, where have contacted sources close to the startup. They have also recorded the recent publications on social networks of its team, with great experience in the world of digital magazines and virtual kiosks promotion because of his hand, as the award-winning app Trvl remember him also emerged in TechCrunch – who in recent days showed his impending move to American soil.

Of course, going immediately into the ranks of Apple likely to enrich their experience and developments, the team behind iBooks Author, the set of tools for the design and publication of digital books in stores that happen to Apple now have native functions that publishers could use to create and promote digital magazines more frequently published ebooks. Of course, only speculation since Apple makes it very clear:

Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we do not discuss Generally our purpose or plans.

Which means … little may be known until they are made noticeable changes in their applications or new products are launched. Finally, subtract the expected progress and outcome of the acquisition but portends a good future for publishers of digital magazines, particularly those seeking to keep public displaying its content from an iPad.