Email Marketing: heaven or hell

email marketing

Those who touch Google Analytics know that the channel with higher conversion rates used to be the Email Marketing if done correctly. However, a wrong or badly segmented Email Marketing strategy may end up as a silent murderer who tarnish the reputation of the company and become a wound that will warn difficult seriousness until it’s too late. This is a premise that today are detailed in any inbound marketing plan, is that in the online marketing campaigns there are certain particularly sensitive where the error has no place.

Why Email Marketing can take me to heaven?

Essentially by the comments in the first paragraph, and it has the potential to become the communication channel and inbound marketing actions with a higher success rate level conversion.

“We must not confuse it number 1 on conversion rate of the number 1 and channel marketing”

For this reason, the selection of campaigns that make using the Email Marketing should be studied to achieve objectives in line with what we want. It is also one of the most controllable within the online channel environment, because we know the database to which we will launch the offer or information, and can anticipate the impact and reception will be based on our accumulated historical knowledge .

Why Email Marketing can take me to hell?

Just as something can drive us surely have the consideration of being able to sink.

In Email Marketing, our database is a faithful audience that knows us and has given us the lead for us to attend their informational or promotional needs. That is why we can not fail, and start segmenting and filtering from the time a person gives us his emails is key to avoid errors later.

A failure of an erroneous calculations or click on our segmented database, and the damage may be important for the reputation of the company. Somehow play with the feelings of our leads, and that is why we can not disappoint them and make them see that we are a million more between existing and we also do as a regular or sporadic spam tool.

“Let’s show our potential or returning customers that we are not a company to do spam (voluntarily or involuntarily) and offer exactly what you expect from us”

Why else would they have given their contact email?

The key to email marketing is segmentation: Customer potential or recurring?

This is a good way to start filtering and segmentation templates and messages and actions and inbound marketing campaigns to make. Of course the depth segmentation should not stay here, but it is certainly a good first step to begin to optimize the ROI of these actions, both in time and impact.

What do we mean by conversion to Email Marketing?

Often we set conversion as a purchase, but that may not be the ultimate goal in many cases. Without going any further, those who have a blog and want to make a newsletter as part of your email marketing campaign, surely they have a sale in mind as you devise your email.

“The success of an email marketing campaign begins with first identifying the goals to achieve direct and quantifiable”

Marking tangible and measurable objectives we can begin to measure the performance of the campaign itself, and from that point implement improvements, changes or testings that may be increasing conversion values ​​or wanted microconversión.

Without going any further, a blogger want to look after his campaign Email Marketing by a pre-opening party values, as can be the open rate, the number of shipments to or deleting spam emails, and the click through rate based the openings. Then, once you begin to analyze the users who have entered the content, probably the most significant variables to optimize are the average number of pages viewed, the time between page and interaction with social links (both broadcast and community). On this basis, the possibilities are endless in depth and must conform to the objectives of the blogger in question (expand community, improve the SEO of your blog, analyzing the success of its editors, go running as an expert or skilled in the art, find out what topics are better received …)

How to maximize conversions with Email Marketing?

“When we have a measurable base and started monitoring our actions, apply tests A / B will be our day to maximize conversions”

A / B test is nothing to make a small adjustment on a base and analyzed. We have a defined template with a structure, typography, design and size. From here we carried one by one, some changes that we believe can help turn more people who send them. Are not always needed big changes, often with a more direct way of email or a call to action on it can begin to see Significant changes in relation to the rate of opening and subsequent conversion of our goals.

Turn job in relation to the actions of Email Marketing for your overall inbound marketing strategy. And in order to advance a new field, I attached a free guide on how to apply inbound marketing LinkedIn . Interesting, right? A read, test, measure and re-optimize. And so in an endless cycle that improve conversions and challenges of any action or online campaign that you carry out.