PayPal partners with BitPay, Coinbase and GoCoin to receive Bitcoin payments


Paypal does not escape the fact that it is increasing the use of crypto-currency Bitcoin as payment for goods and services in different areas, giving a step today in helping sellers to accept payments through by this currency association with three of the payment processors Bitcoins: BitPay, Coinbase and GoCoin, these being chosen by the guarantees and protections they offer to their customers so that those sellers of digital goods may be happy to be able to receive payment via Bitcoins for the sale of ringtones, videos, games, or even songs. This possibility is currently available for marketers in North America.

Paypal wants to make it abundantly clear several respects, being the first one that has not been adopted Bitcoin as a currency in its digital wallet, nor Bitcoin payments are processed through their secure payment platform. Paypal has a special focus on providing service providing safe and reliable payments so that support for Bitcoin are doing it gradually in a way and with sufficient caution, being very vigilant in ways that develop the things.

Still, also makes it clear that for some time, have helped traders in selling mining equipment Bitcoins to accept payments with Paypal, whose trend continue, but with the idea of ​​protecting customers are not willing to work with those vendors that require advance payments for the provision of their products, as the case with other goods, since they can not provide assurance that customers can get their money back if the same break before the sale of the products outside the protection period to customers.

Paypal also takes into account the various laws and regulations of all markets in which they are available, so that in the future, exchangers virtual currency and administrators interested in working with Paypal must ensure they use the appropriate licenses and facilitate procedures against money laundering.