Scotland wins .scot domain after deciding to remain in the UK


Not separate Scotland from the UK, have voted in a referendum and have decided that they prefer (at least most) remain within the union, but it has gained its own domain: .scot

This domain has already been announced in July, but only now can be used freely in the country (so far only had access to it a few commercial establishments). Anyone based in Scotland can create a , replacing .com .uk, etc.

John Swinney, the finance secretary said that in this way the possibility to express their Scottish identity or affinity Internet, ensuring that be one of the first projects undertaken by the Scottish Government opens.

Balloon comment that people who have already bought up to 20 addresses to the new domain, and a survey by Fasthosts noted that 71% of Scots say they feel more inclined to buy from a company that uses a web address with the domain “.scot”.

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