, application to create video conversations between iOS users


At a time until today, an application that is becoming very common among users of smart mobile devices is to take self-portraits in those sites that are, in addition to capturing photos of food dishes that will take , and landscapes of the places they visit, among others. These self-portraits are ultimately known as selfies, and if someone wanted to come forward to register selfie with dot com, has come too late, because after this domain is a new mobile app for iOS, which now goes to the public after four years of planning and development, as outlined in The Verge .

The mobile application allows users Selfie post videos up to 24 seconds over themselves talking about those subjects they wish and may respond publicly or privately to other videos. To reach what is today the mobile application Selfie four years ago, the approach was to create an application called OMG UCI to report verbatim from those celebrities that have been seen, a project led by Hugh Dornbusch with the concept of citizen journalism in mind . Later, he suggested that she contact with Alex Lasky, since it was founded two video networks. This would allow users to talk on video about the celebrity life and lifestyle. Then they both realized that users wanted to talk about other topics.

Subsequently, Lasky came up with the brand name Selfie by accident on their way through a bar in New York City, where he saw two women take a self-portrait, rejecting the offer of Lasky to perform a photo, pointing to one of that is they selfie. So out came the final idea much either as the brand name, and then running to try to get the Domain at a time when the concept was not yet admitted to the dictionary. With great secrecy, began to develop the application, but with the launch of the landing page in, drew attention to journalists about the project that could be behind.

Since last April, the Selfie application was made available to beta testers, who test enabled create animated debates among strangers, where several of them came to be known later in person. The themes are quite varied, from legal aid to share events of their lives. The application allows for a timeline of the videos of the users along with the people you follow. These videos are represented by thumbnails that play when you play on them. Users can watch the videos and their corresponding responses chains.

Its founders saw the good atmosphere between users. It only remains that the platform has a critical mass of users, who can get if the celebrities themselves are encouraged to participate in it to keep in touch with their own followers. It the appearance of virality, which allows users to broadcast their videos through their social channels to attract more users to the platform is also pending.

Selfie is available as a mobile app for iOS devices from version 7.1 onwards .