Amazon now allows to add products to the wish lists from Twitter with #AmazonWishList


Months ago, Amazon launched the ability to add products to your cart through Twitter , where you just had to reply to tweet link to Amazon  desired product label #AmazonCart. Obviously, it should be noted that the user account on Amazon should be previously linked to the user account on Twitter to carry out this functionality, bringing such link through the social configuration option .

Apparently this functionality is available only for UK users. From now on, similarly , Amazon starts to allow the possibility to add products to Wish Lists via Twitter . To do this, once a tweet with the link of the desired product on Amazon, is located only be answered using the same label #AmazonWishList , so that will be added to the wish list, notifying a tweet that fact and an e-mail. Note that in this case, this functionality seems to be available only for the United States, although it may at some point, this new functionality is carried to other countries.

From the FAQ highlights other aspects such as the fact that Twitter accounts must be public, not protected, or which also serves to add both physical products and digital products, among others.

Hopefully both possibilities to expand internationally, especially in view of the upcoming Christmas season, which can come in handy watch Amazon products via Twitter, with the possibility to add some of them to both the shopping cart (no the purchase is made, it is only stored in the shopping cart) and add some of them through the wish lists. On the other hand, Amazon has brought out another release today, the subscription service of your eBooks in the UK.