Beyondpad a management system of notes, tasks, diaries, maps

If you have a minute’s time, I invertidlo watching the video presentation Beyondpad ( ) that here you have a new platform that can help us better manage our daily tasks, grouping both obligations and notes.

“As simple or as complex as you want.” This was advertised as a free tool whose structure can be customized so much that can transform it into a real control panel planes, sections, colors, times, notes, mind maps, charts relation of ideas and more.


We can create notes of various types, with labels classify, organize and filter templates for easy grouping. You may even create data entry forms for the time we invest in our projects, making it an excellent choice for professionals who charge per hour worked.

The items created can be arranged by dragging them with the mouse and dropping them in the right place, always gathering panels to differentiate the different jobs that we are busy at all times.

Time control systems, notes, numbers, text, lists … for now everything is free, without specifying the business model or indicate future releases in separating a Pro version for a completely free.