Google Now, now notify you when airfares discounts

google now airfares discount

A brilliant update has reached Google Now: One of your cards immediately notify us whenever there discounts on airfares previously viewed through the flight search tool Google Fligths ( ) .

It’s simple: If today I seek tickets prices to go from New York to Paris, and consulted some of the morning running some major discount airlines, Google Now notify me of such a change in the price for not miss the offer. It’s best you do not need to complete records or do a thorough follow each flight to see if the price has received significant fluctuation, just consult previously be enough for Google to understand our interest in that trip. Anyway, saving time and money without much effort.

The announcement was shared on the official Google profile in Google+ where we also mention that for now is only available to the American public and the latest version of Google Android Now, though, with extended Fligths Google is not unreasonable to think that your coverage is extended to the rest of the world and iOS devices in a matter of days.

By the way, the update goes along with recent developments regarding flight recommendations presented when you previously engaged is delayed or also cancel smarter reservation information, accommodations, things to do on arrival at destination and more.