Microsoft launches a new program that rewards users who find bugs in their webs


As the Microsoft team has announced on its official blog, they just put up a new collection program failures , the “Microsoft Online Services Bug Bounty Program”. This program, as stated in its official website, aims to encourage users with the necessary expertise to locate errors in the software of the computer giant, receiving financial rewards thanks.

Microsoft will reward those who find vulnerabilities in the online services of the company.For now, locating faults in Office 365 will be aiming to Microsoft. Minimum those who find a vulnerability that could affect the user seguiridad reward will be $ 500 (minimum). Depending on the importance of the bug discovered Microsoft will up the amount of the reward. The team at Microsoft has announced that subsequently expand the number of services that will take place this initiative. The software giant hopes in this way to encourage all those security experts to locate errors in software focused on the cloud Microsoft, in order to address potential vulnerabilities in the fastest way possible.