Onebox to organize email attachments in google drive, dropbox, box or onedrive

onebox is presented as a good solution for those who need to better organize the attachments in your emails.

The purpose of this application is to store the files that we send our contacts (and we sent) within separate in our Dropbox, Box, Google Drive onedrive or directories. Thus, if in a conversation with a contact 50 files are exchanged in 70 emails, we will have them all stored in the same place online storage account you’ve specified.

onebox App

To function it is necessary first to indicate which account you want to use the four existing options (box, google drive, dropbox or onedrive). After giving access, we must specify your mail client (gmail, yahoo mail, outlook, imap) and open the doors to Onebox so you can monitor our email 24 × 7.

Thereafter, whenever a file OneBox detected in any of our emails, you will save in the cloud within the account we have indicated.

Although the idea is good, give access to our email for the solution to monitor its content is not something that catches my attention, although it is clear that for the proposed action there is no alternative.