Spaces, a quick way to create a page where we sell physical or digital products


If you are thinking of selling something online and you do not want to start looking for solutions, e-commerce, provides a simple and practical tool.

A few months ago we told you about options to create Facebook stores and other out of the social network (in the article ” Options for creating your own store “), now expanded with this new tool, simpler, but also more limited.

It is a platform on which we can put on sale both digital goods (ebooks, for example) and physical as well as services, customizing show our style and integrating it with various forms of payment, without sharing space with other users or program anything.

“A Landing Page for our business” well advertised, offering the service for free if we can sell less than $ 50 a month, and charging $ 9 more commission for exceeding that limit.

Within the platform we can see payments received, customers, subscribers … all in the same interface, with the possibility to include more items and define payment methods, but with a very important problem: do not accept change of currency and is available only in English.

This is the future of e-commerce for small businesses: to create a store within minutes, define a custom window and worry only create and logistics, leaving technicians who understand the subject topics.

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  1. Hey, I’m Dan from Spaces. You can actually change currency and language if you go to the settings page for the Space. We’re adding more languages soon, as well.


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