Talkwalker, a fantastic management tool mentions on Internet


We present in detail a monitoring platform media brands and social networks that can be used to know at all times what is said about our company, product, or customer name (if such offer service) within the web.


Talkwalker, with free version available , allows us to have under control any word you want, using them for a powerful system of filters, as you can see in the picture below, can be customized to the fullest. You may report things like “I want to show the particulars of my brand in country X, without the domain And that does not include the word Z …” a number of combinations that we can know in detail in his  Manual for consultations .

After defining the brand or query that we analyze in detail, we can get reports on it, and there is a control panel with detailed analytical results, influential, feelings, issues, geographical distribution, etc.


In the outline pane see the entries in grático, with a list of the latest entries made waking up and feeling that indication (automatically calculated based on the words used in the references).

In the project settings you can set various variables, as we want to analyze the sources or the countries in which we want to concentrate:

Performance section allows us to obtain the evolution of number of mentions comparing the data with previous periods. The information is displayed in the form of components which can be customized by opening the side menu of each, making it possible to define the type of chart, export it in different formats or export in social networks.

We can also see the potential reach of our brand at all times, data obtained by analyzing the amount of followers in different media of people who comment on the term set.


If we jump to the section of Influencers see who are the main culprits of this information, grouping and sorting the results based on the amount of noise they can generate.


It is important to mention that all the results can be filtered constantly using the link “Open Filters” top menu, accessing a panel like the one we show here:


Countries, languages, where mention is made … the goal is to know where you are talking about our brand and can react quickly to these entries. In the picture above we see the feeling aroused in the texts found, and can click on each color to see what we are talking about texts. After viewing the list we can determine if it is indeed a negative mention or was an error in the interpretation of the text (very normal when it comes to irony, sarcasm, and other “language games”).


Selecting Themes see labels and categories in which the entries are grouped, allowing to know the type of people that says our brand, the type of environment in which we appear or the way they classify users of our content on social networks .


Of course you can see the origin of the terms, language and sex of those who mentioned the brand as well as a general map of the places that are most popular:



In any component you can press the “send newsletter” option, that way it builds an email with all the information that we collect. At the end of the study we can send that email, with all the widgets inside, whom we wish.

You see, the platform is complete in almost all points, helping to keep under control all the tweets, blogs, facebook pages, articles, videos and other sources in which the name you mentioned work. Personally I was surprised at the speed query execution and how intuitive it is to use the platform, a rarity in such tools.