websrvr, a new way to use Dropbox to publish our website

Use service accounts as cloud storage hosting for websites is not a new idea. We could do with Google Drive, before Google canceled the option, and Dropbox has already been used for much more than “virtual hard disk”, as we told you in the articles: 10 Great Ways to Use Dropbox and Other 10 ways Use Dropbox for more than just saving files .

The option that we show today is like Droppages . This is websrvr.in , an application can use to using the system “publicly share” of Dropbox, show the world our websites.

Supports html, js, css, images .. static content, as it does not run as php, asp or any other programming language you need Apache, for example. The links between the content is respected, and the amount of information we can hang is unlimited, although the service is not free: it costs a dollar a month.


It has no issues, no extensions, or other added functionality, it only serves as a repository for files, providing access to a group of web pages locally constructed, which can be helpful at certain times.