Wonder.fm, best music from Soundcloud on one page


Wonder.fm is a new project, created by Stephen Phillips, co-founder of We Are Hunted(music discovery service purchased by Twitter in 2012), which is responsible for finding the 99 most played on SoundCloud topics in the last month and display along with a picture in a giant mosaic.

We just have to click on any of the images to the appropriate topic sounds, being accessible mode list to view details about the author and the number of times played in Souncloud.

In wonder.fm/today we can see details of the topics touched every day, but for now it is one of the few features that the site offers. They promise mobile version and details classified by category, but still there is nothing like it.

Its creator left Twitter in July, commented on gizmodo , in order to be able to unleash their creativity on the world of online music, and this is his first job after the success it achieved with we are hunted, success Twitter failed to harness your Twitter #music failed.