WEDG new personal cloud device in crowdfunding campaign


It is increasingly challenging to commercial services file storage in the cloud, not only to facilitate spying by governments around the world, but also the attacks that have been suffering, putting into question the safety and reliability of these. In this sense, and with the rise of the importance of preserving the privacy and security of user data, have appeared a number of companies trying to launch solutions with the idea of ​​being more reliable and more secure with data users.

Here, among the existing solutions are solutions personal private clouds, devices that users can install on their homes or other places, obtaining in return a series of safer services for which you have more control in relation to taking into third cloud services.

This is the case WEDG, a device that is currently under development, having activated a second campaign crowdfunding on Indiegogo for launching its prototype as a commercial product to market. The first campaign there had the expected success, which has led to its manufacturers, based in the UK, to make changes to the hardware, improving speed ethernet and USB, based on user feedback. The relaunch of the product is available in two versions, one with the original ARM processor and another, more powerful, with Intel Atom processor, which is known as WEDG Pro.

As for the services offered WEDG, is a streaming server, a mail server, and even a web server, among others, and the possibility for third parties to create applications and expand its capabilities. According to the CEO and founder of the development company, Shehbaz Afzal, if they reach 135,000 pounds, will develop a suite based on similar web to Google Docs and Office 365, with focus placed on collaboration in real time from one’s own device.

Regarding information security, and will use AES XTS-AES to provide 512-bit encryption, key management, authentication factor in two steps for mobile applications, and content management and keys using GPG / OpenPGP.

WEDG has a price of 219 pounds for the Pro version while the basic version with ARM processor, will cost 149 pounds, both with 1 TB of storage capacity. For now, WEDG has raised 59,000 pounds 71,000 pounds of funding target marked, being 58 days for completion of the campaign. Shipments are expected to arrive to supporters in March,as indicated from TC .