WEDG new personal cloud device in crowdfunding campaign

It is increasingly challenging to commercial services file storage in the cloud, not only to facilitate spying by governments around the world, but also the attacks that have been suffering, putting into question the safety and reliability of these. In this sense, and with the rise of the importance of preserving the privacy and security…


ui-cloud, a seeker of resources for web designers

Over 45,000 items classified to build graphical interfaces and over 1200 kits ready to go down and to work with them, that’s what gives , a search engine where you can find buttons, progress bars, menus Buttons, music players. almost all items we may want to search both free material as inspiration for our…, Training programming daily and expert feedback

Fortunately more and more interesting websites to learn programming from scratch or to practice what they have learned: Codecademy, LearnStreet,, CodeSchool, etc. Unfortunately these sites are not enough for many professionals who require an advanced level in the management of code to apply to practical problems in their respective areas, or simply characteristics of…