Security Hole in Tweetdeck allows you to run code remotely

tweetdeck-for chrome

Users have found a new security hole in Tweetdeck , a popular client Twitter whose impact was so great among users social network it acquired. Vulnerability allows attackers to execute malicious code remotely javascript, so some users have reported receiving strange messages on windows pop-up when you are using application version for Google Chrome browser.

For a couple of years discussing possible security vulnerabilities in Tweetdeck related to XSS that would not have been solved, which is happening right now is proof that faults are real and serious, so we recommend to all Tweetdeck users to log off application until this is resolved .

Such failures are common XSS unfortunately in web applications. The most dangerous thing is that these could give you access to hackers to remotely execute code, which in the case Tweetdeck so far only been reported messages that appear to users without notice, but obviously could give attacker access to Profile attacked social network (to post messages, follow or unfollow accounts or in general to access functions Tweetdeck ).

Updated : Tweetdeck Those responsible say security hole only affected Tweetdeck this morning (denying rumors started by analysts security vulnerability that exists for months, again) has already been solved and only need log in application and log in again with your username and password provided to apply update with patch they have released.