flipboard for windows phone

New Flipboard app for Windows Phone

In October last year, at the Nokia World 2013 held in Abu Dhabi, the company’s mobile now part of Microsoft announced that FlipboardĀ “soon” be available for Windows Phone .Well, that “soon” has turned into “almost a year” so far as only some users have had access to the download and use of Flipboard on their…

Submission of Windows 9: Next September 30

Replacement of Windows 8.1, Windows 9 will make its first official appearance on 30 September in a special event to be held in San Francisco. So give notice on The Verge where they mentioned sending invitations to various media with the picture accompanying this article, an ad more than clear on the approach to take…

windows 9

Videos show details of what will be Windows 9: Multiple Desktops and new home button

Desktop different work to group different applications, which many users constantly use other operating systems, but Windows did not want to implement so far.

It seems that Windows 9 will be different, or so this video shows where we can see some details of its operation. There will be an icon on the bottom that, when pressed, can open the desktop, create new, delete the ones you do not want. always with the objective of gathering open programs facilitating their management.


Using iCloud in Windows

iCloud is one of those services that you miss when you stop it available, one of the most practical things that Apple makes available to its users, and allows us to keep updated on our mail, contacts or photos cloud. But what if a member of any Apple product and you have a Windows PC?…

BBM Windows Phone

BBM comes to Windows Phone

Does anyone still doubt the future of BlackBerry software and services company based in? Just over a year out of the pump IM News: BBM would jump to Android and iOS . One of the most popular messaging services in the world, focused only on their own hardware, making the jump to other platforms. Symbolic.…