Inoreader launches version 2.0 of its application for Android

inoreader Version 2.0

The team Inoreader has now available to users of Android devices in the new version of its mobile application for this platform, a debt that was pending with them after improved undertaken in the web version and version for iOS. Justify the assumption that the part of the design was left behind while focusing on the development of functions and performance enhancements, so have taken the time necessary for refining the user interface for this new version, the Version 2.0, which has led him to conduct a complete visual upgrade.

Among the visual changes is the redesign of all visual themes, besides adding the new visual theme called Aqua. The Light, Dark and Black subjects have been retouched, feeling particularly happy with his Dark theme, but have also decided to keep the theme Black because, as stated in your ad , saves some battery on devices that have AMOLED screens.

Have also been carried out changes to the page that allows access and registering users, and even now it is possible to login via Facebook. Inoreader for Android also allows browsing through their catalog with over 25,000 sources selected manually even without records. Inoreader also notes the bug fixes made which have been reported by the users, inviting them to continue to do so if new errors appear, considering the diversity of devices on which Android runs on many versions .

And is considering adding other features in the application in future versions, as the integration of Pocket, Evernote, Instapaper, Readability and OneNote, as well as other improvements, such as the shift function for reading for the list of items, temporarily disabled because it was not functioning well enough, working on a better mechanism to come in the next versions.

Inoreader version 2.0 for Android is now available for free on Google Play Android devices from version 2.2 onwards .